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Marine Safety Equipment Rentals 

At Chase Leavitt we are happy to supply life rafts, EPIRBs, flare kits, and immersion suites via daily and weekly rentals for boaters that need this equipment for a short period of time. 

What to expect when considering renting equipment? 

We service and test all of our equipment and have procedures around this to ensure their quality every time they are returned and leased. We not only maintain the rental equipment up to regulation but we in turn trust them for ourselves and our families. At Chase Leavitt, safety and due diligence to protect people are our first priorities. 

All rental items are rented with up to date service certificates. 

Depending on the season, supplies become limited due to demand. Please prepare ahead of time and secure your rental equipment as soon as you know you will need it. We often have little to no availability on this equipment in May and June.

Please reach out to us via email or call to start the rental process! 

– We have a variety of Life Raft Rental and it is important to have the one that is right for you, your vessel, your crew, and your journey. 

– Life rafts are available in 4, 6, and 8 person Valise. 

– ALl rentals meet ISAF/ISO requirements.

– Our life rafts come in a valise style bag and it is important to note that they weigh between 60–80lbs.

– Traveling Internationally: Please keep in mind, we do not rent to vessels traveling abroad who do not plan to return to the USA on the same vessel. 

Kit is attached to the raft.

First Aid Kit: 1

Leak Stoppers

Sponge: 1 per person

Repair kit: 1

Bellows: 1

Survival Manual: 1

Signal Tables: 1

Hand Flares: 3

Anti Seasick Pills: 60

Seasick Bags: 1 per person

Wet Notebook: 1

Quoit and Line Bag

Knife and Pocket

Sea Anchor and Swivel: 2

Whistle: 1

Paddles: 2

External Light

Internal Light

Flashlight: 2

Bailer: 1

Adult Universal: 4’11″–6’3″, 110–330 lbs

Jumbo (for taller crew): Over 6’3″, over 220 lbs

Intermediate: 4’11″–5’10”, 110–180 lbs

Racing kits: Cat. 0/1 or Cat. 2/3

GPS Cat 2 406 MHZ units

Servicing Eastport ~ Bar Harbor ~ Searsport ~ Bucksport ~ Rockland ~ Boothbay Harbor ~ Portsmouth, New Hampshire

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