Marine Store & Service

Chase, Leavitt & Co. serves both professional mariners and recreational boaters throughout  the Gulf of Maine and beyond. We continuously work on delivering quality and timely service. Marine survival equipment is the strongest focus with two liferaft service stations and factory-trained technicians leading the way. Also “The Chart Room” is a center for navigational resources, and lastly our “Inflatable Boat Room” keeps you floating.

Ship Agency & Marine Cargo Surveys

The Chase, Leavitt & Co. Steamship Agency is committed to providing professional Agency expertise to fully represent the best interest of our clients making port calls to Maine and New Hampshire.  Our Staff is quite proficient in coordinating with local businesses, regulatory agencies and port authorities – having a comprehensive understanding of pertinent documentation regulations required for a successful port call.  We at Chase, Leavitt & Co. pride ourselves in providing cost effective and efficient port calls through our many years of maritime exposure and interface with port officials and suppliers.