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  • Liferafts
  • Distress Signals– EPIRB’S, PLB’S, AIS, VHF Handheld’s, Flares
  • Flotation gear– Immersion Suits, Jackets, PFD’s, Inflatable PFD’s
  • Abandon ship– Flashlights, First Aid kits, Knives, rations, water, water makers
  • Overboard rescue– MOM’s, overboard poles, Lifeslings, Life rings and Throw ropes
  • Other– Fire extinguishers, Sea anchors, Horns, Radar reflectors

Choosing the proper Liferaft can be a bit overwhelming.

Here are two starters

  1. Size? (Most likely number of persons on board regularly)
  2. Hard container on deck or a bagged valise stored in dry accessible spot on you boat.

Other variables

Is the size and weight of the raft important to you? Do you need a liferaft that meets USCG, SOLAS or any other classification society?

Chase Leavitt Co. has been dealing with all areas of the marine industry like yachting & recreational, commercial fishing, military, USCG, ships, tug boats, ferries, ect. We can help to fit the right liferaft solution.


Blue autoamtic inflatable lifejacket with harness, knife, pylon strobe light, and spray hood

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